I saw a

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The Platypus: the duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed, egg-laying creature they had thought couldn’t be real – it was too unusual, too unique, to be true.

But today these differences are recognised the world over: a rare collection of parts that makes a distinctive, memorable whole. And we are still learning, it's story nowhere complete...

Why are we talking about the platypus?

As a creative agency, we believe the platypus embodies the power of difference, the impact of a story and the value of character. We believe that everyone, and every brand, has some platypus in them. Our mission is to help you find it. 

That’s our approach to our work. We uncover your brand’s story – who you are and what makes you different – and share it in authentic, creative and clever ways.

Always curious, always strategic

We offer end-to-end strategy, creative and marketing. That means we are with you every step of your journey, wherever it takes us.

You won’t find pre-defined service packages: you’ll find talented partners who are flexible in their approach and curious about your business, who ask the right questions, design the ideal response and have the suite of skills to make it happen. You’ll find humans who work together to create something truly special.

Making a positive difference

Our focus is on finding the uniqueness – the inner platypus – of your brand or business. So, we attract a broad client base, including governments, foundations, start-ups, businesses and industries of all sizes.

We specialise in working with businesses that make a positive difference for people, communities and the environment, and are leaders in the eco/adventure tourism and renewable energy sectors (we are Tasmanian, after all).

No peacocks, just real people

We are a diverse team of creatives, strategists, graphic designers, marketers, social media experts, illustrators, animators and UX designers. Many have decades of experience as creative directors, communications experts and digital designers. All bring fresh perspectives and plenty of passion.

We like to think we have something in common with the platypus: the quiet achiever, a true original, with a little magic. There’s no peacocking here.

And like the platypus, you can find us in the great Australian outdoors. We are based in Launceston, Tasmania, where the air is fresh and the landscapes inspire us to breathe, think and create.

We live by being:

Always creative.

Engaging creative leads to positive outcomes. We love what we do, we take pride in our work and we take quality seriously.

Always authentic.

We celebrate who we are and bring our authentic selves to the table. That way, we empower our clients do the same.

Always respectful.

We deeply care about our people, our communities and our environment. We bring respect, positivity and enthusiasm.

Imagine the possibilities...

if you saw a Platypus.

Curious to discover your difference?

If you believe you have a an inspiring brand story that needs to be told, we'd love to hear from you and showcase some of our projects. So let’s get started.

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